E-Waste Recycling in the UK

Everyone is familiar with what it means to recycle cans, glass and paper. however, many people are simply unaware that their computers harbour many substances which can be recycled as well. E-waste describes any physical part of a computer system, or products associated with the function of a computer. So, why is the disposal of such items becoming an increasingly burdensome problem? Part of the issue is the emergence of new computer systems. More people are replacing outdated laptops and desk tops with new ones. Therefor, landfills are becoming inundated with the old items.

It is easy to make a case for e-waste recycling when you consider how much space an old computer uses. Take a moment and think about how large a computer monitor usually is, and combine this with the main hard drive. Now, combine these items by hundreds of thousands and you can see how mountains of e-waste begins to take shape. Printers and other items such as scanners and web cams also make their way to the e-waste pile. When it is time to get rid of your old computer you might be tempted to throw it right in the garbage, but this is a mistake.

E-waste usually contains materials which are hazardous to the environment. In fact, once you find out what exactly is inside of a computer, it is actually quite shocking. For example, some computers contain up to 2kg of lead. It does not take much for a person to experience lead poisoning, and it can actually seep into the skin.In addition to containing lead, computers also contain glass and sharp metals. When these items are dumped into a landfill, they often break, and their contents spill everywhere. Animals who make their way through the debris often get injured. The same thing happens to workers who make their way through the rubble.

Luckily the UK has plenty of recycle centres which take e-waste. All you have to do is go online to try to find them. Some of these centres will send out a truck to come and pick up the e-waste so that you do not have to worry about delivering it. Some e waste can be used as fuel for and heating systems. Just make sure that you have all of the different computer parts in boxes so that they are ready to be taken away. Include every piece of computer equipment so that the recycle centre can use all of it to its full potential.

There are other locations which take e-waste as well. Non-profit organisations take it willingly. They use the parts to refurbish old computers, and then they sell the products at a reduced cost. Families who cannot afford a new computer often buy the refurbished options. Some computer manufacturers take old computer parts as well. They use the parts to make new products, and this cuts down on the landfill waste. Many of them will pay for shipping as well. We can all do our part to limit e-waste.