Environmentally Friendly Volunteer Opportunities

Make no mistake, there are plenty of ways to volunteer all over the UK. Religious organisations, schools, and even government programs provide excellent volunteer options. However, environmentally friendly options often fall to the wayside. The environment often gets neglected when other things seem a bit more important. People often do what it takes to make money, no mater what it does to the environment. Others simply use resources without considering the consequences for their actions. This is why it is so important to take advantage of environmentally friendly volunteer opportunities.

One of the best ways to help the environment through volunteer work, is to clean local parks. Local parks are great places to bring the family for an afternoon of fun. Problems arise, however, when people become careless by leaving their trash on the ground. Glass bottles have the potential to break, and these cause injury to children and animals who use the park’s resources. Spend time with your friends and family by cleaning up the park. Most people use grippers to pick up trash so that they do not have to pick it up with their hands. Take a garbage bag with you to fill, and then enjoy the clean park once you are finished cleaning.

Another great volunteer opportunity involves cleaning lakes and rivers of debris and trash. Some trash has toxic chemicals which seep into the water supply. This causes problems for both fish and humans. If you have access to a boat, then make an effort to go out on local bodies of water to help clean them up. Make sure to bring nets which are big enough to scoop up the trash as you pass by it. Large plastic trash bins are the best option to bring along, as they are easy to fill up and secure. Buy trash bins that come with a lid so that the trash does not spill out into the floor of the boat, or back into the water.

Many people cite the fact that they simply do not know where to take all of their recycled materials. They complain that once they start to recycle, it builds up in their garage or other areas. One thing that you can do is volunteer to hand out flyers advertising where they can take their recycled goods. These flyers should have information about the best ways to store recycled materials, and how to get them ready for proper processing. Make sure to add information about services that come to pick up the recycled materials as well. You might even offer this service yourself.

A community garden provides a great chance to conduct quality volunteer work. Simply start the garden in an area in which people use frequently and perhaps add some recycled teak garden furniture or seating area. Plant flowers, fruits and vegetables to provide food for local wildlife. This wildlife will provide great educational opportunities for kids. In order to attract more wildlife to your garden, make sure to add a small pond or drinking area. Deer, birds, rabbits, and other mammals and reptiles will start to call the garden home.