Case Study: Suton Miah

How did you find out about the Green Train Project?

I was at college a few years ago and left just as the recession hit. I found work but it wasn't permanent. The job centre recommended I joined a regional training provider (SEETEC) and they suggested I joined Reboot for the Green Train project. I was interested in gaining an extra qualification so thought I would give it a try.


What have you learnt on the Green Train Train project?

How to build and disassemble computers and how to test components.


What have you gained from the Green Train Project?

The hard side of working! Experiencing getting into a routine and doing a full days work. I have also found it beneficial to my confidence in meeting and working with new people. My confidence has also grown around computers. I already had a qualification in programming and now I have undertaken the Green Train project I know more about the actual hardware, so now have a more rounded knowledge of computers.


How do you think your new skills will benefit you in the future?

If I want to continue with a career in computers I think it would definitely help me out. It has given me an opportunity to work within an environment that deals with all aspects of computers. Specifically recycling and repairing them.


What did you enjoy most about the Green Train project?

Getting to know the others on the course. We had a good laugh with the group. The tutors and other students on the course were really friendly and supportive.


Would you recommended the Green Train project?

It depends on what they want to do in life. But, if you want to start a career in computing or working with computers I think the course would definitely benefit you. It's a great course for gaining knowledge on hardware.


Suton has decided to extend his volunteering position and is now in his sixth week. He wishes to continue gaining experience as he feels this will be extremely useful in the future and aid his career in computing.