Case Study: Jamie Setchell, 24

How did you find out about the Green Train Project?

My name is Jamie Setchell and I started at Seetec (providers of training and employment services) they recommended I joined Reboot at Waterbeach for their Green Train project. As soon as I found out it involved stripping, testing and re-building computers I was happy as it sounded right up my street. I'm a very 'hands on' person and would describe myself as a quick learner. I enjoy working with computers in my spare time so it was a perfect opportunity to learn more and expand my knowledge.


What have you learnt on the Green Train Train project?

I have learnt everything from the names of different components, identifying computer component problems to building my own computer from scratch.


What have you gained from the Green Train Project?

As well as improving my knowledge I have also found working with others has boosted my confidence.


How do you think your new skills will benefit you in the future?

There's a possibility of turning my volunteering position into a paid job at Reboot. I now have the knowledge to clean DVD drives, strip computers and test components. Now, I just have to gain a bit more experience, that's why I have extended my volunteering position.


What did you enjoy most about the Green Train project?

Meeting new people and working with computers. I enjoy the working environment. I have extended my initial 3 week placement and am now in my sixth week.


Would you recommended the Green Train project?

Yes, definitely. It's friendly group of people you get to work alongside. And I love how the work is all hands on, practical tasks. It's a bit different to the set up they had a college where you were left to your devices.

Anything else you would like to add?

If you're not sure about the course ask the manager if you can come in for a couple of days to get a feel for what the course will cover. If you do enjoy it, then go for it, I thoroughly recommend it.