We have a zero landfill policy and believe that we are fully responsible for what happens to your equipment whilst it is in our possession and after it continues on its journey.

Firstly, all hard drives are completely wiped before we do any work on your machine. If they meet with our specifications we may be able to reuse them. If not they are securely disposed of. We have been inspected regularly by Dell and HP to ensure that this process meets security standards.

In some cases, the components from your machine may be recycled and used in another machine or sold to generate profits for our social enterprise. Some computers may also be donated to charities in the UK and abroad. You can find more information about where these computers end up on our refurbishment page.

In other cases, where computers or parts do not meet our specifications, they will be separated into components. Nothing goes to landfill and all material is sold in bulk. For example, there is a high demand for certain computer components in China and all our metal is compressed and sold to a client in the UK. These processes are carefully tracked to ensure equipment is treated responsibly after it has left our hands.

Visit our resources page to see videos that show what happens to your computer after you have donated it.

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