Why Is Link Building Needed in SEO?

A link is what allows online users to move from one page to another. Links are also used by Google to evaluate the content on a web page to identify its authority and relevance when deciding where to rank that page in the SERPs.

Link building is the process of getting other websites to link to your website. SEOs, business owners, bloggers, and others spend lots of time, effort, and money on link building to build site authority so they can rank higher in the search result pages.

Link Building Importance

After the Penguin update in 2016, Google has been emphasising the importance of link building in SEO by making it a top ranking factor. Link building is a crucial part of SEO because links influence search engine results.

There’s one clear rule in link building and it is this: It’s the quality and not the quantity of the links pointing to a web page that matter for ranking. In other words, the more links pointing to your site that are of value, the higher your ranking will be.

Link building isn’t easy unless you buy links in masse. But that’s a clear violation of Google’s rules so don’t get caught. If Google discovers your site suddenly has many “unnatural” links, it will suspect you’ve been buying links. This could result in you getting a Google penalty which is never a good thing. So earn your links honestly and play by the rules!

Natural Links from High-Quality Pages for Greater SEO

When a web page links to another web page, it was done for a reason. It’s often done because the page being linked to contains information that supports the information on the other page.

Or, perhaps the person linked to the page because they don’t like the information on it and want to criticise it. Either way, the action indicates that the web page was linked to because it contains high-quality & relevant content of some type.

The above example proves the point that a link serves as a vote that indicates credibility, authority, and trustworthiness.

SEO Needs Link Building to Succeed

Link building is a crucial aspect of SEO. This is because high-quality links coming from authoritative sources serve as signals to Google that your site is worthy of a high search engine ranking.

Getting Sites to Link to Yours

There are some tried and true ways to get external sites to link to yours. One of the best link building methods is content creation. When your web page contains compelling, high-quality, and unique content, it encourages others to link to it.

A more direct approach to link building is to ask website owners to link to your site. This involves finding relevant, high-ranking websites in your industry or niche and asking them to link to your content.

You can also build links by being newsworthy to earn the attention of the press, bloggers, and influencers in your industry.